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Dear Guest,

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful occasion with us. We
are proud to have hosted you as part of the 2015 Sanlam Top
Destination Awards and appreciate the efforts you have made to
participate and attend this year’s gala event.
The Top Destination Team would like to congratulate all the
Finalists and Winners this year with their great achievements and
wish everyone the best for the coming holiday season!
To all our Sponsors, a special thank you for your generous
contributions. As this is our first event, it is with great trust and
vision that you have supported us. We truly stand on the shoulders
of giants and can only thank you for sharing your broad shoulders
with us.
Then finally and infallibly, a thank you to the team at Discount
Traveler. Without your hard work, endless spirit and attention to
detail, we could not have made this evening happen.
Tonight is only the beginning of something extraordinary and we
are devoted to making it even bigger and better next year. Discount
Traveler exists to support you and in return we appreciate the
support you’ve given us.
Thank you.
Yours truly,

Jonathan Pepler
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