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Top Destinations 2018
 Top Establishments Self-Catering 2018

                                    ONCE IN CAPE TOWN                     Star
 Ungraded                           Once in Cape Town was founded in 2013 by five
 Quiver Tree Self-Catering Apartments  entrepreneurs who have in common: We love to
                                    travel and have a strong spirit of adventure. Once
 Mac Kenzies Accommodation          in Cape Town is a combination of all our passions.
 Island Way Beach House 54
 Majini Guest House

                                    THE B.I.G. BACKPACKERS             Backpackers
                                    The B.I.G is a new boutique backpackers in Green
 Congratulations                    Point, Cape Town and is the first of its kind. The

                                    B.I.G offers its guests the best of two worlds, the
                                    style,  service  and  cleanliness  of  a  guest  house/
 to all the                         hotel, with the amazing social aspect of a regular
                                    backpackers at Backpacker rates.

 Top Establishments                 AZAMARE CAMPS BAY                      5

                                                                      Bed & Breakfast
 for representing                   Here you will find the best sea views and sunsets
                                    over  the  ocean.  Experience  superb  hospitality
                                    and comfortable Camps Bay accommodation. We

 true hospitality in                define  our  accommodation  and  suites  through
                                    exceptional service, quality facilities and a tranquil
                                    environment in an opulent setting with luxurious
 South Africa!
                                    AT THE NEST B&B                       Star
                                                                      Bed & Breakfast
                                    Stopover at The Nest B&B, 100 m from the N6 and
                                    5 km from Aliwal North en route to the gateway
                                    of the Eastern Cape Tourism mecca, Tiffendell
                                    Ski Resort, East London or Port Elizabeth. We are
                                    situated close to business centres for convenience
                                    but still far enough to enjoy the tranquillity.
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